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  • TravelMate v1.10.3 by rkzad (131 KB)

    TravelMate is a handy utility for Earth & Beyond by giving you the shortest route between two sectors/stations, and, using TreKain's maps as guide, will even trace your route visually. It provides options to customize TravelMate to select the right routes for you: What your character's class is (to know which home towns it can go through), whether you have access to Mazaroth Maelstrom or Blackbeard's Wake, and, if you're a Jenquai Explorer, each of the possible wormholes you can do in your level.

  • Captains Log Editor v1.52 by SonG0han (3.45 MB)

    Tool to edit your Captains Log outside of the game, includes some special features you don't have in-game (import/export .txt, print, search, create backups of E&B Settings...)

  • EB Color Config by Wolfie of Sirius Cybernetics Corporation (196 KB)

    This program reads the registry to locate your E&B folder so if you don't have E&B properly installed, tough cookies. It reads a player config INI (you choose) and allows you to see all the current chat text color settings and easily change any or all.

  • Mixfile Extractor by kxmode and B. Haisch (18 KB)

    Easily extract images and sounds from your Earth & Beyond installation. Follow the instructions in the readme.txt.

  • EBDB 0.4.4 Item Database by ToadMan (7.17 MB)
  • EB Fragment Decoder 0.1.1 by ToadMan (10 KB)
  • Earth & Beyond Storyline Book by Raynes (6.21 MB)
  • 12 Days of EnB a holiday tune sung by the EnB Devs. (Thanks Zombieman) (3.24 MB)
  • Earth & Beyond Manual (558 KB)
  • Earth & Beyond Starship Creator (39.6 MB) Mirror
  • Earth & Beyond 5 Day Demo (1078 MB) Mirror
  • Earth & Beyond Sims Skins (263 KB)

Earth & Beyond Fansite Kit

Earth & Beyond Fansite Kit (922 KB) (Right-Click Save As)
Keyboard Mapping and Main Interface

Earth & Beyond Reference Card

Earth & Beyond Reference Card (436 KB) (Right-Click Save As)
Keyboard Mapping and Main Interface

Earth & Beyond Desktop Themes


Jenquai, Progen and Terran Windows desktop themes that give you a new wallpaper, mouse cursor, icons and sounds.

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